Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cherri Bomb Sexplodes!

The music is tight and rocking, they sing with 3 and 4 part harmonies, they actively engage the music and it’s apparent from watching the video’s that they enjoy playing and performing. They bring an effervescent energy to their act that reminds you of nothing more than the passion of the early punks. They play guitar oriented rock but are not afraid to musical flourishes to their work. The studio tracks sound crisp and professional and still bleed energy into your ear. They are Cherri bomb!
The Gurrls
Cherri Bomb is an all girl band coming straight out of the LA scene and already making a huge name for themselves in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world. Reminiscent of other all girl groups like The Donnas, The Slits and of course the Runaways, Cherri Bomb has all the potential to be a really huge act that can pack them into the seats. They have already shared the stage with Smashing Pumpkins, and bills with The Strokes, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance. They are playing lots of European Rock shows (Oxegene, Sonisphere and Leeds) and have great things in store for them. They have a 3D video, an EP (professionally mixed and mastered) coming out this summe, being mentored by Motely Crues drummer (Samantha Maloney) and a record deal with Hollywood Records. They have been called “The New Generation of Rock n Roll”.
Covering the Foo Fighters
The average of the band members is 14. Think about that for a minute.

That is both a good and a bad thing (although I lean more towards bad). Being this good at such a young age could mean that when they get older they will truly be phenomenal musicians, either solo or if they buck the odds as a band. If their earnings are being managed correctly they can be safe and secure in whatever life they eventually choose. These are all good things.

But the bad is really bad. The most obvious is that these are 14 year old girls walking into a world that has chewed up and spat out dozens of artists with far more life experience as adult’s than Cherri Bomb’s average age in total. The idea that a hormonal 14 year old girl is prepared to make life altering decisions about sex, drugs and rock and roll is absurd. I am positive that the band thinks they can handle anything thrown at them. That is indeed the province of the young and that they want to have fun and do all the things you find in a modern Cinderella rock ‘n’ roll fairytale.

They are being managed by Samantha Maloney who should know the ropes and the pitfalls that wait and I can only hope that she is thinking of them not just as musicians or clients, but as people. People at an age where you feel ready to be an adult but are not equipped to be so.  If they become the Rock stars they seem destined to be, what will be denied them? They need to have people in their life who can tell them “no” and make it stick. Ideally, that should be someone who cares more about them as people than as talented musicians, a hot act, or a profit center. In other words, their parents.

 They have signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. I am sure that they are no worse than any other label when it comes to exploiting/promoting clients. But they are a business and business is based on making as much as you can, however you can and let everyone else look out for themselves. As long as everyone going into it knows that, then it’s all good. But the girls of Cherri Bomb, no matter what they think, are still girls and can be ruthlessly exploited by the label. In fact, Hollywood Records is promoting them just about everywhere, HP, Last FM, just to name a few.
Owned by the Mouse House. Guess they are too Rawk to hang with Miley Cyrus

From reading the bio, it seems like they have pretty strong connections to the music world and could have pretty good mentoring. But as much as I enjoy the music, I don’t want them to end up as so many other bands have. The second, and last, album of the New York Dolls pretty much says it all “Too Much Too Soon”.

They are talented, no doubt, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in the music that we forget the people making it. We can’t afford to do that this time.

Until Next Time, Keep Listening!


  1. Other drummers who smile: Ringo Starr, Phil Collins. Good company, and hopefully a good omen. They do rock it well!

  2. Let's hope so. It is always nice to see people who enjoy what they are doing. But yeah, that is pretty good company.

  3. Yeah, definitely have a Runaways thing going on. Chances are yes, they are going to be chewed up and spit out, but plenty of young artists make it through the ringer. They are super tight and definitely have a good thing going!

  4. Yeah I like the music. They are very tight, I just hope not so tight that they lose the raw edge that you need for rock.

  5. This is my favorite new band right now. They've been doing this for about four years or so, but this European tour is the first wide exposure for them. I truly hope they come out of this smiling and ready to tock some more.